Sale at the yarn store!

 One of my favourite yarn stores had a sale on today. Yarn stores in Norway carry mostly wool and very little fancy yarn. However, plain wool can be made into wonderful garments and accessories!

Here is what I got!

The white, mustard and grey yarn is bulky and I have a cushion in my mind for that one. Some of the white yarn will be dyed with Kool Aid and food colouring!

The teal and browish alpaca is bulky too and I am not sure what to make of this. I watched the movie Robin Hood with Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe the other day and was taken by the colours in a dress Marion was wearing - and that is the reason for these colours.
I bought a bunch deep red and white dk weight superwash wool is for a top I will make for the autumn I think.

By and large I am happy I didn't come home with more. I have ideas for what I got (almost all of it), and I have a cupboard full of yarn already! 

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  1. There's nothing like a good yarn sale to lift your spirits! They all sound like awesome projects, Eline! And I love your inpspiration for the teal/brown.