To poke an Owl

This morning I poked an owl! It's not something I do every morning. In fact it is the first morning I've done it and therefor the first owl!

I was asked by Eden Arts Canopy Project in Cumbria, UK, if I would make something for their exhibition at Acorn Bank National Trust property near Penrith.

After a very busy February and March I didn't think I had the time, but this morning I sat down with the wool and the felting needles and gave it a go. Barn owls where the inspiration and here is the result.

If you think the feet looks weird, they are only temporary, made out of paper clips. I will make proper feet after a visit to the store to buy wire.

The Canopy Project can be seen from April 6th until 3rd November in the woods at Acorn Banks. Hopefully this little owl will be sitting in a tree and looking down at you wondering how it ended up in England when it saw it's beginning in Oslo, Norway. Say hello to the owl form me if you see her! 

I am back form the shop and the owl has got new and improved feet! 

If you want to find out more about the Eden Arts Canopy Project go to the canopy project on their website. 


  1. I think he will love seeing a bit more of the world:)
    Very beautiful, Eline:)

  2. Flippin amazing, well done Eline.

  3. Very well done, Eline! I love the new feet!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Eline. He looks like a real baby owl! I think you should name him.

  5. Eline, Great Owl. What a neat thing to do. I favor this blog so I can drop in every so often.