Lunch break on a Tuesday

It's a very ordinary Tuesday and I am working away at translating my knitting book form English to Norwegian. The book will hit the market in August so I feel a bit out of tune with the season in that respect. Working from home it is always good to go out for lunch. As I live in the city center I have plenty of options just around the corner. Around the same corner there is a beautiful park. On this particular Tuesday I brought my camera and went for a walk in the park - after a lovely soup.

It snowed yesterday - and as I look out of the window now it is snowing again! White fresh snow can transform any day into a fairy tale! See for yourself! this Narnia?

Oslo at it's best?

Yarn graffiti


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! As one who lives in a warmer climate, we never get snow! Thank you for sharing the beauty of winter!

    Katy :)

  2. Wow, certainly is Narnia, so magical. Thank you for sharing Eline. xx

  3. Such a thrill to live in such beautiful surroundings, Eline. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos.