A great time in Portugal

The Railway station in Oporto
My summer vacation was spent in Portugal. In the Northern part of the contry to be specific. I have always wanted to explore the Douro vally and the production of Port Wine. Finally I got a chance. We started our trip in Oporto andexplored this fantastic city.
Oporto has a fantastic feeling of old and new, derelict and up and comming. There are so many places to discover and great small galleries and shopes to explore. Good food and wine is never far away!

The fantastic Lello bookstore

We had a great lunch at The Yeatman after visiting some of the famouse Port houses in Vila Nova de Gaia! We wanted to stay there, but the budget would strech much further if we only had lunch.
Lunch at The Yeatman
From Oporto we made a trip to Aveiro and Costa Nova south of Oporto. Costa Nova was quickly nick named Stripy Town, and I guess you can tell why.
From Aveiro we headed inland and stayed a night at the famouse hotel in Bussaco. It is a fantastic building and faded charm is a word that comes to mind!

Breakfast at Palace Hotel Bussaco

The local wine is really worth it and the dining room is spectacular. The hotel is situated in a natural woodland reserve in Bussaco, and there are some great walks you can have before dinner.

From Bussaco we drow for hours north to the Douro Vally.
Douro Vally at Pinhao

 Finally in the wine region! We stayed at two vineyards; Quinta de la Rosa and Quinta do Tedo. Bothe had great accomodation and the staff were really nice, friendly and helpful. At Quinta do Tedo we had the best breakfast of the vacation, and the owners are great and inspiering people!

Alina shows us around the wine celler at Quinta de la Rosa.

Quinta do Tedo
Portugal is a great place to visit. People are friendly and it is easy to find your way around. I am sure I will be back soon and sit outside overlooking the Douro river and enjoying a great glass of port Wine!


  1. Thanks for sharing your trip to Portugal. What a beautiful place! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself :-).

  2. Wow! This looks like it was a fantastically magical trip. The photos are beautiful!

  3. Stunning photos - especially the one of 'Stripy Town'. Oh for some warmth like that shown in your pics.