Norwegian knits still going strong

Great inspiration can be found in past traditions. Knitting keeps traditons alive in every stitich. my readers will be very familiar with my love for patterns from the past and I here are some more traditional patterns from Norway.

The Fana sweater has it's roost from the area around Bergen on the west coast of Norway. As most of our knitting it was often knitted in natural colours like grey and white or black and white. I don't know when it started, but for the last 50 years or so it is often seen in a duck egg blue and white. Since the 80s it's common in pinke and white too. I like the pattern for it's clean and structured look.


Embriodered blouse for the local costume at Voss

An other pattern that I find beautiful when knitted is what is known today as the Voss pattern. I don't know if the knitted sweater has a long history, but it cleary is inspired from the black and white embroidery on the local custume.

Old embroidery from Voss
Knittied material was regarded second rated to woven fabric for a long time in Norway. However, it was warm and relatively cheap to make and hence became very wide spread. In addition to the cost it was easy to make and many women and men knitted while they walked to and from their fields. A loom was more stationary.

New York based Brooks Brothers winter 2011.
I have written about the Setesdal pattern before, but it is a beautiful pattern that has provided inspiration to many patterns that are used today.  To the right is an old version probably from late 1800s. The non patterend part was all white because it was tucked in the trousers! It's great to see that these patterns are still in fashion, though tucking thick knitting in the trousers has not been seen on the cat walk this season either...


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