Transferware at the summer house.

We have started the summer season very early this year. Our summer house is a great place to get away from the city, even if it's not summer yet. It was a delight to meet my brown and white transferware again as well. So far it's a small collection (in use), but I allways keep an eye out for more plates! I have posted some pictures of some of the plates. Enjoy!

I also have a black and white saucer that is hanging on the wall. It's marked "Cairo" on the back and I think it is very charming on the striped wallpaper.

I use all my pates. The summer house is small and I have not much room for storing a collection. The best way to appreciate the plates are to use them I think. If one breaks I will be sad, but then again it's just a plate.


  1. that is a nice point of view to have. sometimes i think 'what am i saving this for??' better to use what you love all the time, than to hide it away and only see it occasionally.

    thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. Eline,

    Of course I love your collection. The first plate is Royal Cauldon Nature I think? I love the Cairo saucer....especially the border.

    Thanks for showing us part of your collection!

  3. I think it's so great that you enjoy your collection by using them! And why not? Enjoy your summer place. Sounds wonderful.

  4. Lovely plates :-)
    I agree, the best way to enjoy things are to use them.

  5. collections are so much more fun when you use them!

  6. Love transferware! I just did a painting with a brown plate & hydrangea :)