First Spring Day!

The last weekend was the first sign of warm weather we have had since last year. Nearly all the snow is gone and we all know what is going to happen; summer!

Here is a beautiful left over from last year. The dead flower heads looks beautiful in the bright spring sun! And to our delight the crocuses are sharing their beauty as you can see at the bottom of this post.

On days like the these we set off to our summer house. It's a 20 minutes bike ride uphill. Last weekend we just enjoyed the warm weather, sat in the sun and did a bit of spring cleaning in the garden. We had friends comming and made waffles!

Here is the waffle recipe;

100 g/ 3,5 oz melted butter
4 eggs

4 1/2 tbls sugar

5 dl/ 2 cups wheat flour
1/2 ts baking soda
5 dl/ 2 cups milk
Half a tea spoon for ground cardamom.

Mix all the ingrediens and leave some milk to adjust the thickness. Whisk until the batter is smoothe. Leave it to rest for 15 minutes. Pour a ladel full of batter into the pre heated waffle
iron. Check to see when the waffle is golden and take it out, and pour in batter for the next one. It will make about 15 waffles.

We like ours with jam and sour cream or the brown Norwegian goat chesse. You probably have your favourite! Enjoy!


  1. My kids are obsessed with waffles. I am going to have to try this.


  2. o my goodness, those waffles are mouth-watering. will have to try them some weekend when there's time for a big breakfast!

  3. The crocus are gorgeous :-)
    My nephew makes us waffles when we visit - yum!

  4. I love the spring. Everything starts to grow again and the smell and colors are beautiful.

  5. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Check my blog and spread the Sun!

    We haven't made waffles in a long time...sounds good!

  6. Hej!
    Min man kommer från Sverige, Karlstad Värmland för att vara exakt. Han äger 2 våffeljärn, och de smakar så gott!
    Messmör, det var ett tag sedan jag smakade det!
    Maybe it's time to dust off the waffle iron and make waffles!

  7. Mmmm.... I so want to eat a waffle right now! Thanks for the recipe.

  8. Great recipe my fiance loves waffles I can't wait to try it,& I love the spring as well the last photo you added is adorable!

    Please follow & Comment my blog back?

  9. Oh I love it when you post recipes! Can't wait to try the waffles as they are one of my favorite foods! Well, who am I kidding here... just about any food is my favorite! Yum!