Longing for spring and summer!

Last Friday we had the first day of rain this year. It washed away a lot of snow, and left behind a grey surface in the city (which is Oslo). Some how this is the best and the worst part of spring. The ground is still frosen and no plants have appeard. On the other hand the sun is warming every heart and soul and tells us it will melt frosen ground and bring back life to the dull grey surfaces.

As most of my readers know, we do have a summer house on the outskirt of the city. I will soon plant seeds on the window sill that will be ready to go out when the last chance of frost is over. It's a time full of changes - and to the better!

Here is a picture of my peonies taken last summer. Can't wait to greet them this summer!


  1. Eline,

    Your photo is stunning! The pinks and purples are so pretty. We had 70 degree weather yesterday and today it snowed! I am ready for Spring.

  2. Gorgeous peonies!
    The little time between winter and spring can seem to take forever :-)

  3. Love the peonies. They are my favourite flower.

  4. what beautiful flowers!
    I like these colours!!!