Saturday is work day.

It's not going to the office and spend the day there! It's all the other things I love to do. Knitting is one of them. A while back I started making patterns of my original designs. And that is work, fun work. It takes a lot of consentration to make sure that every one that picks up the pattern and work their way trough it will get the same result as me. I have to describe in detail what I did. When I have that right, it's the needle sizes, gauge, descriptions of stitches and so on. At the end the whole thing must be presented in an attractive way.

Today I did all that to my spring design; the Paris Scarf. I'm very proud of today's work and hope those who knit it are happy with the result of their labour - that adds value to work I did today! If you like to have a go at the scart you find it in my Etsy Store. Did I tell you how great it feels to see my designs knitted by others?


  1. Your pattern looks brilliant - very prfessional, a good use of Saturday :-)

  2. Woooo you have so many really creative ideas Eline!

  3. You have an award on my blogg, for being such an inspiration.