A short trip to Berlin

This week I had a meeting in Berlin, and it allowed for some time to walk around and get to know the German capital better.

My meeting was in the parliament buildig, that you can see at the back (right). The building is a fantastic blend of old and new, as ti sits nicely on the bank of river Spree.

I walked past the Holocoust Monument on my way from Brandengurger Tor to Potsdamer Platz. The monument grows on me. I like it more and more each time i see it. It's a place where people can play and remember! There were a school class playnig around on this day, and they had ballons and became a fun part of the monument.
I hope I'll be back in Berlin soon!


  1. I've never been to Berlin, but in other parts of Germany. Such a lovely country! I love the old structures!


  2. Mummy has been there too, she is very fond of Berlin.

    We can't see why she would be since WE are here.

  3. I used to live there - before I moved to the US. I hope to be able to go visit again soon!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures!