Åland Island - the best of the Baltic Sea?

Recently I was in Åland. It's hard to "be" in Åland, because the autonomus region consists of more thatn 6000 islands. Well, I was in Mariehamn the capital. Åland belongs to Finland, but they speak Swedish.
The islands have been Russians as well, but now the 30 000 inahbitants enjoy an autonomus status. Åland is a demilitarised area and very peacful place in the Baltic Sea. I was in Åland for business, but had some time to walk around and take some pictures!

Here you can see the beautiful new Culture Centre and the marina. I spotted a birch bench outside an offical building and just loved it!


  1. I know nothing about this part of the world and am so embarrassed! It looks so beautiful. Is it very cold there right now?

  2. It was getting colder, and they to have cold winters. Lovely place in the summer though!

  3. I have heard that Åland is great for biking. I've been there only once as a child, despite living in Finland myself. Åland is really an autonomous place that doesn't get much media time in the rest of Finland. It's the summer idyll and great food that the Finnish folk know it from.