Wind powered knitting machine!

This is just about as cool as it gets! I saw this machine on and just had to spread the news!

The ingenious artist Merel Karhof has a solution for the ones who find knitting difficult and want a scarf. She has designed and invented a machine that knits all on its own, powered by wind. Called the Wind Knitting Factory the machine knits a scarf in about two hours, given a little wif of wind.

Read Merel Karhof's blog


  1. Ah... This is my kind of gadget!

  2. Oh My Gosh!

    What a great machine! What's the weather like in Norway today?

    Visit mty blog;

  3. WOW! That's so cool! lol :)
    I found u in an Etsy thread. Following. x

  4. That's really cool!! Even I could knit a straight scarf then.

  5. Good invention....
    perfect for no patience people like me!

  6. wow, thats amazing...i could do with one of them!

  7. Amazing machine!

    I could surely use this! This or a band of roving elves that would come into my studio at night and finish projects for me--and clean up after me!