Old will be the new in our bathroom.

We live in an appartment that dates from the late 1920s and many of the original fitures are still here. We like it and have grown fond of the style. It's time to redecorate the bathroom and we want to give it a feel of the 1920s, though we have no intention of trying to be purely authentic. It's a small bathroom with doors on to oposing walls, a bathtub and no windows.

The image is from Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co.'s 1904 catalog.

I will spare you all for the before picture, and as of now there is no after picture. We are trying to find sources on bathroom decoration of the time the appartment was new, and appreciate very much any hints as to where to look. I found a great blog post with some great pictures on http://goodhomeconstruction.blogspot.com/


  1. Have you tried www.restorationhardware.com?

  2. i was going to recommend restoration hardware as well.. they have good new vintage looking bathroom accessories. the home depot by our place has a few as well.. just have to look a bit harder. ;)

  3. that's a beautiful bathroom :) I LOVE the black and white scheme.