Making a pattern to knit.

Some weeks ago I made my first knitting pattern, and it felt like an achievement - for a while. Novelty wears off, and I realised that it’s a good idea to write down the pattern of another of my designs while it is fresh in my mind how I made the first one. It’s a lot of work for a beginner like me, and it’s time consuming. I nearly thought of it as too time consuming, until I realised that it takes less time than knitting the top it self!


  1. I wish I was so patient like you are. I need to do always quicly to make crafts otherwise I go crazy.
    Patient is not my thing!

  2. But with the knitting you get to play with YARN!! That would be way more fun.

  3. You are right about how time-consuming and tedious it is to write out the pattern for something! But surely it is helpful later!