Fresh from the berry bush!

I said I was going to write about the vegetables we grow, and I will. However, the berries are ripe now and so tempting to ..write about. And eat!
When we got this garden two years ago it had all the fruits and berries we could wish for, except cherries. We soon discovered that the plum tree didn't really produce much. The first year we had one plum, and it fell down in July.

As for berries we have raspberries, red currants and black currants and strawberries. We did as well buy a cherry tree. This year it gave some cherries, but the magpies we so much faster than us in getting them! A lesson learnt for next year.
In the spring we replanted the raspberries. They had been left to them self for very long, and weed was as plenty as raspberries. We had red and yellow berries last year. After replanting they all turn out to be yellow. I can't believe that we by accident just picked the yellow bushes. But it seems to be a funny fact.
Red currants grow on an old strong bush. This is the third year in a row that it is loaded with berries. The first year we were here we cut out some old branches and many new ones. We had no idea of what we did, we just wanted to stop the red currants bush from taking over the garden. We must have done something right!

We did a tidy-up in the strawberries as well, and they gave us treats for some weeks. It was very hot for the weeks they matured,

so they all did ripe at the same time. The most exciting fruit for us this season is the grapes. We bought a stock two years ago and now it shows signs of grapes! And oh! I nearly forgot to mention the blueberries! They are the American type and moved into our garden this spring. They seem happy here with lots of berries that are not yet ripe. Berries are very rewarding I think. I do very little to them and they give a lot back!

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