Allotments - an urban gardener's Paradise!

It is said that the Romans where the first once to have allotment gardening, as a consequence of the city being over populated and people started to grow vegetables on the outskirt of Rome. Today many big cities like London, Berlin, Stockholm have allotments.

The characteristics of an allotment is that the ground is owned and managed amongst the gardeners. It is expected to take a turn in keeping the common areas nice and well kept. It’s also expected that each owner of an allotment is actively keeping her plot tidy and nice. This might sound strict, but for anyone with green fingers it is a great social place to live a garden dream in a crowded city.

Our allotment garden was built in the late 1920s. It is called Solvang Kolonihager. The whole area has 545 cottages and gardens like mine. It’s a little garden world with small roads, low hedges, cute cottages and many pretty gardens. There are no cars on the roads and a paradise for children and parents alike.

We grow some vegetables and fruits. I’ll write about that soon, so look in again!

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful concept. I can't imagine getting all my neighbors to take turns caring for a garden space or common area. Some barely can water their lawn or don't at all even though we have rules, makes me sad. Fortunately we have a homeowners association and use part of our dues to pay a landscaping company to mow and care for our common areas. There are only a few of us out of 46 that do much gardening. As you can see on my garden blog our lots are very small. I am enjoying reading your blog, it is interesting to read about other countries.