I made my first ever knitting pattern!

For many years I have designed knitted accessories, skirts and tops, but never written down what I have done. When I have made a second one, I have just looked at the first I made, and that can hardly be called a pattern! Finally, I got around to write it all down and work it into a real pattern that I hope every one can use! My first ever knitting pattern is for a decorative collar/neck warmer.

I did write down what I did as I went along knitting. I modified a lace pattern form a chart and marked the modifications I made. When I finished the piece, I decided that this was so well documented that it had to be my first knitting pattern! I search the internet to see if I could learn form experienced people. And I could. I came across http://chezplum.com/blog/2009/06/11/tutorial-how-i-make-my-knitting-charts-for-lace/ who in a very detailed and understandable way explained how to make a lace chart based on a excel type program. Thank you so much Sylvie! She is an accomplished designer and her patterns are on sale at http://chezplum.com/

When the lace chart was made it was easy to write down the instruction for how to make the collar. When I had finished I realised the need for additional information. The obvious is yarn and needles, but size, skill level, amount of yarn needed, gauge and where to get the yarn I used in the model. I knit a lot in Icelandic wool and Gudrún in Iceland sell this wonderful yarn on Etsy; www.TheIcelandicWool.etsy.com

Late at night I had managed to make the word document into a PDF file, that can easily be send by email to customers, and posted it proudly in my Etsy store "The High North".

Happy knitting!

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  1. Hi Eline,

    This is a very nice pattern!

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