A place in the sun.

Two years ago we bought an allotment on the outskirt of Oslo. As they are not sold on the open market we had been waiting for more than six years to get one. What we got was a 40 m2 cottage and a 400 m2 garden 30 minutes on a push bike from the centre of Oslo, and 5 minutes to the woods and lakes beyond the city!

The closeness to the city is due to the fact that the area was developed into allotments in the 1920s. It was built as a place for the working class to be able to grow food and their children to get fresh air and escape from the small dark crowded apartments in the city.

At that time it was not allowed to grow flowers, or even to have a lawn! Today it's different. I will write more about the history of the allotment we are in soon. Meanwhile you can look at pictures of our cottage and garden, and read about allotment gardening on Wikipedia;

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