It's tea time!

Call me old fashion, but I do like a propper tea! In a busy life style I value the small opportunitie to stop and relax. What better way to take a time out than to make a good, warming tasty cup of tea and enjoy it from a beautiful tea set?

Try to cut down on sugar these days, so coockies are not on the menue. I make exceptions for the weekend though, no regimes should be so hard that it can't be upheld!

I enjoy my cookies virtually during the week. Take a look at these works of art that I found on Etsy! I guess that I would not eat them is I had them, who could?! If you can't resist them got to Sweet Ambs on Etsy!

A beautiful mug is a must for a lovely tea time. I found this at Upscale Yard sale on Etsy.

Enjoy your tea!


  1. That's a lovely tea set and the cookies look yummy!

  2. Beautiful blog! Thank you so much for featuring my cookies!