Window shopping in Barcelona, Spain

Some weeks ago I had a few lovely days in Barcelona. It was the first time I was there for some days and exploring the Catalan capital was a real treat! It was literary a treat as lovely chocolate is easy to come by either in a cup as a thick rich drink or solid yummy pieces.

Lovely food is found everywhere. The Ham Iberico is famous and my souvenirs were mostly food related.

Strolling along the streets and taking in some of Gaudi’s architecture is a must, as is to search out the specialty stores.

I fell in love with the brass hardware store Bolibar and their Arte Deco range. Around the Cathedral I came across an old candle making store and a beautiful paper store selling wonderful handmade books.

I could have spent the day in the mask making shop, but at the time I was there I fancied a hot chocolate and as it happened to be, I was very close to the Chocolate Museum and their restaurant…

I hope to be back in Barcelona soon. Oh.... and did I mention the shoe shops? ... and the nice wine and cava...


  1. kjæreste Eline, ja, Barcelona er fantastisk! :) stor klem fra Line

  2. Barcelona is the best! You bring back memories for me with your post.