What a wonderful time of the year!

I love Christmas and all that comes with it. Baking gingerbread and my honney coockies, inviting friends and family for candle lit dinners. What would Christmas be without friends and family? It would not be half as nice. I was just reminded how much friends, near and far, makes the season bright. My friend Annette just send me two of her lovely textile sculptures; baby squirrle Bud and his play mate. Annette spends a lot of time helping animals in need, in particular rabbits. She selles her unique textile sculptures on Etsy. Her devotion to help animals reminds me that there is so much we can do for each other, for the animals and for the environment. All of us have something to offer, a good thing to keep in mind at Christmas and the rest of the year.

In Norway we celebrate on Christmas Eve. At 5pm the bells talls for Christmas and we sit down for the dinner. Each part of the country have their own traditional dinner. Costal regions have cod (fresh or prepared with lye, Lutefisk), cured rack of lamb, pork steak or rib. Desert is often whip cream with sweet rice or cloudberries. I love the latter.

After dinner we open the presents. One get the task of reading tags and we all watch each present being opened. It can take hours in my family, and it's so enjoyable!

We have had snow since early November and it's really cold; a white Christmas is guaranteed! I hope you will have a Happy Christmas!


  1. I love to learn how other countries celebrate Christmas :)
    At our house we let the boys open their stockings on Christmas Eve, but the other gifts have to wait until Christmas Morning. The boys are 20 & almost 19, so I think we may have a late Christmas morning this year :)

  2. hi Eline, my head must have been in the clouds that I hadn't stopped by before! I love Christmas too and feed the birds extra! So glad to see bud and her friend completely at home helping you celebrate :) best wishes, Annette