Pattern testing

Some months ago I started to make patterns of my knitting designs. It's fun and challenging at the same time. The challege is to write down exactly what I do, so anyone who does the same end up with the same result as I did!

I have tested my patterns over and over again and that means knitting them. Here are the latest results of pattern testings. The top is great to wear and it's fun to knit (thankfully - as I have knitted it a few times now..). The same goes for the Lacy Leaf Capelet. I'm now looking for a yarn so I can knit that for the party season and wear with a dress!!!

1 comment:

  1. Youa re so very talented Eline!! (from one who knows how-not-to-knit!). The capelet in white is so very chic and I like the simple colours and shape of the top with those gorgeous patterns on it!
    Also thought your climate change bags are just super. There are so many materials out there and this is a great example of reusing with The most important message of our times.