Knitting in times of trouble

As the financial crisis descend on us there are many ways to deal with the circumstances. To me it gives room for creativity. As I have less money to spend – I spend less time spending! I get more time on my hands, literary speaking. I have dug out the wool basket from the cupboard and picked up the knitting needles. I used to love knitting, but the time became very limited due to all the daily activities. Everything seem to have slowed down now – even the speed of time! Knitting makes scene in more than one way. After years of aggressive market economy and a race for economic growth everything is mass produced. All over the world you get the same look in the same stores. I have found an old friend in knitting, I have found a way to express my individuality and even more important; I have found many new friends sharing the love for creating! I have even set up a little web shop to sell a few of the things to those who like my expression, and it warms my heart that people do.

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