Doing up the little room

It's been a long time since I have blogged and that means I have been busy with vacation and fun projects at my summer house.

I have redecorated the toilette at the cottage and it's been great fun. It's in a shed attached to the cottage but the only entrance is from the garden. The toilet had some torn 70s wallpaper, the cistern was leaking a bit and the rest looked like it was knocked together on a Saturday night.

I did not want to spend a lot of money so clever solutions had to be found. So here is what I did!
I found an old scrolled shelf at a charity shop and hung it over the toilet roll holder. 

 As there are no electricity in the shed and I wanted a chandelier I used a paper-pop-up form Talking Tables and hung some real crystals on it. As for actual lighting I have a garden shed solar lamp and attached a crystal to the pull as well!
The shelf over the toilet roll is a perfect place to display beautiful flowers from the garden. If people are spending some time in the little room they can admire the flowers or read some of the magazines provided.

I added some pea flowers to give off the lovely scent to the room. I love the bird vase that I got at a sale in a local flower shop. 
The ceiling is a rustic wooden board and I decided to paint it as it was. To draw some attention away for the ceiling I bought some fake plaster moldings that was cheap and easy to glue in position.

The wallpaper was bought at a clearance at Laura Ashely and as the room is tiny I didn't need much.

For the flooring I used some left over vinyl from when we redecorated the hall in the flat in town. It's good economy to get every little bit used.

It's a big surprice to first time visitors as they first enter the shed with garden tools and other bits and pieces. The they open the door to a little summery time on their own!
I'm really happy with the result. 


  1. It looks lovely, you can't beat Laura Ashley for classy wallpaper. Nicky xx

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