Longing for spring

The hill up the street is a perfect place for some winter fun.
Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope you all have nice and interesting events and adventures to look forward to this year.

I look forward to spring. Mid-January is maybe the most dreary time of the year. Christmas and the holidays are over and spring and summer seems so far away.

What I normally do to overcome the January down is to make sure to have some fun outside during day light. A little jog, some skiing in the woods or a brisk walk in the park. Sleighing on a slope always makes me laugh!

My garden right now!

The other way to beat the blues is to start planing my garden. Ordering seeds and looking for inspiration is a great and fun thing to do and filled with expectations of lazy summer days.

So where do I look for inspiration when all is frozen and covered in snow?

I have some favourite web sites that I can spend hours browsing. What you sow is an independent online shop selling all things garden! Check out the mini townhouse garden

The make the perfect little gift or a fun green addition to the window sill during January.

I could not get sowing going without the seed pot maker. With help of this clever and fun contraption I make seed pots from news paper and feel good for recycling. Don't miss their January Sale! 

From What You Sow blog.
What You Sow has a great blog too where you can find tips on growing, cooking with your produce and much much more!

Obviously I need some seeds and I get mine form  Burford Garden Company on my frequent trips to England.

I bought literary hundreds of bulbs last autumn and just imagine how exciting it will be to see all the flowers when summer returns to my part of the world!

A Bungee Bird Feeder from What You Sow!

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