The Knitter issue 42

Photo from The Knitter
It's always a thrill for me to see my designs featured in beautiful knitting magazines. Knowing that knitters all over the world might pick up the needles and make one of my creations is a very nice feeling. I always hope that people will be happy with the result.

At the end of February I had a capelet design in the UK knitting magazine The Knitter. I love the magazine as it is beautiful, creative and always have interesting articles about knitting techniques and the history of the craft. I have been introduced to many interesting people and projects through the magazine. 

To me it was a double pleasure to be featured in The Knitter, as the model is knitted in a yarn from a conservation project! Nude Ewe wool is spun from the fleeces of Bedfordshire's conservation grazing flocks. Grasslands are a key feature of the English countryside. For centuries these habitats have been maintained by grazing sheep and other livestock. Without these animals the fields would turn to scrub, and England would lose the unique plants and animals that rely on the grassland habitats.

I have designed a capelet for Nude Ewe, and you can buy the pattern with lovely Wensleydale yarn from their web page.  The Lava capelet is knitted in the same yarn called “Wes”. Wensleydale wool is very soft and has a lustrous shine to it.  Happy knitting!


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