There are no such day as ordinary days!

The festive season is over and all the trimming and fairy lights are packed away. January is back to work and back to routine. Nature is sleeping and days are shorter. I don't really like the sound of it. I look for January remedies all the time. I brisk walk in cold nipping air on a clear winters day is just the thing for me on a weekend. Another great way to cheer you up is to surround yourself with friends in a happy setting. I think many of don't do that often enough. I certainly feel that I have to tidy and clean and decorate and bake and you name it... before I can invite people around for a little party. Lower the ambitions and look for quick fixes!
What matters is that we get together and laugh a bit. Here are some of my favourite quick fixes to create a setting that lifts us out to the daily routine. 

A few fun effects makes an unforgettable setting! 

Disposable table ware creates a new setting for everyone. There are so many fun and fantastic desings to choose from. I love the range from Talking Tables in England. Their cack stands and sandwich trays are made to lift the spirit! 

Food is a must. You can ask everyone to bring something and keep in mind that you don't have to cook anything your self. You make the setting, friends bring the food. 
If you feel like cooking I find one of many useful sites for tasty and quick recipes. At Rock UR Party you find many tips for planning, food and settings. 

Drinks are easy to cater for. Either you buy or they bring. Why not try an afternoon tea party and brew a pot or two of classic tea? 

Disposable table ware saves you a lot of time cleaning and allows you to create a new style without having to own five different sets of plates... and store them too. If you would like to throw a "clean start for the new year" party, check out the disposable table ware from Wasara.
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I hope you have found some inspiration to have a party!  And a word of advice;  make sure you get more energy form the party, than arranging it takes form you! 

Make every day a little special. 
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  1. Your ideas are wonderful, Eline! I know you love to entertain and these are great tips :-).

  2. Thanks Michelle! I love the range at Talking Tables! They are so filled with fun!

  3. What great ideas! Thanks Eline :-)

  4. Thanks for these suggestions!!!!
    Surely they are so helpful!!!