Birds and a new hobby.

I was in town the other day and stopped by the craft store. I need all the spare time I have for knitting, so really, I should not have done that. Every time I come out from the craft store I have a hobby I didn't know I had. So what was it this time? Concrete casting! I allways wanted a natural looking bird bath. We have lots of birds in the garden and they get a treat, even in summer when food is plentyful for them. So you feed them - and thye need a drink too.

So here I am; birds, a new hobby and the wish for a bird bath. I saw once someone making stepping stones form a rhubarb leaf, so that was my mould. I picked the biggest I have, shaped it over a sack of sand, coated it in oil and then the concrete. waited and waited....An volà! A bird bath! ...with only two leakages. By and large, considering it is the first go, I'm really happy with it. The proof of the pudding is what the birds do.


  1. this is so nice and surely birds will love it!!!
    how sweet you are!|!!!

  2. Thats really fab!
    And quite different from knitting :-)

  3. Birds likes it! I was sitting in the garden the other day and heard the birdies playing around in their new pool!