The weekend in England.

In case you wondered; I had a great weekend in England! Friday I had the afternoon in London looking around my favourite shops and buying all the things I need for the launch party I will host when my knitting design will beVogue Knitting (on sale November 9). I bought a paper cake stand, flags for nibbles, cutefloral paper plates and even a fun box with talking point cards (not that I think we will be needing them...).

Brave people as we are we had rentet a car in central London on a Friday afternoon (even a Bank Holiday weekend). When we asked the lady at the desk for directions out of London she told us politely that she had no idea!!!

Oh well, we managed, got stuck in trafick well past Oxford, but all the hassle was soooo very worth it. We arrived hungry and tired at The Bull in Burford just in time for dinner. We got a warm welcome and lovely room and an excellent dinner. If you don't know much about Burford just take a look at this photo from the High Street.

Saturday we meet up with some lovely freinds and had a wonderful time with them. Late after noon we went for a walk to a neighbouring village Swinbeook and had a drink at the pub. After a brisk walk along River Windruch we were back in Burford for another lovely dinner at The Bull.

I had my romage around charity shops, a craft market, I had the at Liberty and many nice conversations with people I met. I could have stayed for a very long time, I even found a house I would have loved to live in in Burton on the Water (last picture)!
On Sunday we headed home. We had a flight at 8pm which gave us plenty of time to make something of the Sunday too. Back home about midnight and I had a feeling we had been away for a week - not just a weekend!


  1. Sounds like it was an idealic weekend - it certainly looks it :-)

    And I love the paper cake stand - it looks so very classy!

  2. I'd love to travel there and takes some pics of my own - and with cake stands like that - I'd grab one toO!

  3. glad you had such a nice time Eline! and are planning your Vogue launch party :)

  4. Love the cake stand! Have always wanted to visit England.

    Greetings from down under =)

  5. What a fun weekend! I'd love to just take a stroll round merry old England on the weekend. I bet you found some amazing charity shops.

  6. Glad you had a lovely time! What awesome architecture.

  7. Lovely sounding weekend! That cake stand is adorable!!