Thrift store finds!

Saturdays are great days! Today we had breakfast at a local coffee shop, sitting by the window and watching the world wake up. Afterwards we made a stroll to another part of town and just had a look around. I stopped in a few thrift shops and found some transferware plates. I collect red and white and all plates at home are second hand red and whites! At the summer house I have started a collection of brown and white. Today a found two, they are made by Villeroy and Boch and are called "Burgenland".

I also found a few things that I could not leave behind ( if I did't have enough...). One was this beautiful plate by Adam's whith an add for the litographer on the back.

The other were six small dishes for nuts or other snack.

I have a weakness for transferware. It has a historical and cultural dimension, often telling a lot about the time it was made. I also find the way they are made very interesting. If you would like to read about this my friend Nancy has a great blog post on Transferware and how it is made.

She also sell some beautiful transferware on Etsy.


  1. You have an AWARD!!! For being Creative and Inspirational :) Just pop in and pick it up when you please....

    And I LOVE Thrift store shopping! So many amazing finds :)

  2. Beautiful plates! Shopping at thrift stores is always so much fun, you never know what you will find! Have a great Saturday (I just love Saturdays to!)

  3. kathleen vintage eye6 February 2010 at 16:26

    sounds like a perfect morning and you have some
    souvenirs! thrift stores are so much fun!

  4. it's no iwonder you love them so much they are gorgeous!
    And, with history :)

  5. Those plates are beautiful! I have a weakness for vintage plates myself.

  6. That is very pretty, I'd eat tuna off of it any day!!

  7. Eline your taste is lovely! Those plates are very nice indeed and the process of collecting and finding is delightful!

  8. I love your plates - those are really nice ones. Love the brown! I have an aubergine collection - love it so much! Each plate means something to me.