The Woolly family.

I knit and knit, and yesterday I needed a break. I had a kit for needle felting, a craft I had never tried before. I very soon held Wooly the Sonwman in my hand! Eager to try one more little creature I made Woolly the Christmas Sheep (he sold the same day)Today I made Wooly Jr and Woolly the Christmas Bunny. Her job at Christmas is to deliver carrots to snowmen! The Wooly family are happy bunch and in now time at all they have got new homes all over the world!
...there went the Christmas items for my Etsy store....

...maybe knitting is not my craft after all... LOL.


  1. Those are adorable! especially the bunny.

  2. They are precious, Eline. Great story about the bunny. Used it in the description, I hope. You could start a whole new collection!