Win Woollypal at the PawPawty!!!

Don't you know what the PawPawty is? I'll help you; it's a virtual ‘party’ held once a month on Twitter where anipals and the rest of us have fun and raise money for animal charities. It is like having a real ‘party’ but everything takes place in the twitterverse. There are lots of new pals to meet, fun pawty food and drinks as well as music to listen to. We share photos, sing, dance and have contests where you can win great prizes!

This weekend the organizors raise money for several animal shelters around the world! Learn more here; SantaPaws

Here is one of many prizes for the PawPawty to be held on November 28th & 29th. It's the Woollypal! She is related to all the Woollies and some can be found in my Etsy store.

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