A visit to the Swedish Parliament

My job takes me, from time to time, to Parliaments in Northern Europe. As these are not the the typical tourist attraction I will show some pictures I took while I was at the Swedish Parliament "Riksdagen" in Stockholm. The Parliament has two parts, one old and one new, as you can see from the picture of the exterior. It is situated on an island, and the high street (pedestrian) goes straight trough the centre of the buildings. If you have walked from the new town to the old town in Stockholm, chanses are you walked trough the Parliament. The assembly hall is in the new part, and has a beautiful modern tapstry as the focal point. The old part holds the first chaimber, which is not in use since the 1970s when the Parliament went from a two chaimer systen to one chaimer.

The hallway in the old part is where the King and Queen enter when the Parliament opens each autumn for a new session.

The pictures here are taken with my mobile phone hence the quality is not good, but I hope you get an impression.


  1. Beautiful pictues! What a pretty building...You can walk right through it? That would not work in the US! Thank you for sharing them with us!

    Katy :)

  2. Whoa, cool! It's so formal, I love it. I bet watching the King + Queen walk throught there must be quite an experience!


  3. What fantastic photos and gorgeous buildings! You must have an interesting day job that whisks you away from making such lovely items for your Etsy store.

  4. It is very pretty! But I think these halls need some pussycats to run through them! Royal pussycats!