You do exersice!

The poll I ran on this blog about exercise is closed, and I want to share with you the results.
Only 7% of you do no exercise at all. You have a great potential for improvement!
17% of you swim to keep fit. 28% work out indoor. 32% ride a bike to stay on good terms with your heart. In my favourite category 46% marked running as the way to burn some calories, and 53% of you take advantage of the easiest exercise there is; walking!

For people who do not compete on a very high level, exercise is a matter of a strong and healthy heart. You could choose between several exercises as well as no exercise. The heart is the single most important muscle in the body, and just like a any muscles it needs to be strong and fit. Think about that the next time your heart beats at a racing speed - it get's stronger and stronger every time that happens!


  1. Very interesting!
    I am a bit lazy! I should do more!....

  2. wow!!! interesting poll!
    I've also a post on my blog, I wrote it yesterday about exercices new cyclette...
    but...I'm lazy too...LOL!!!

  3. This post reminds me of an EXCELLENT book I just read! I love exercizing, however some postpartum hormone problem has kept me fat since I had my baby (I am trying really hard to get a drs appt. now that I am SURE there is something wrong) I do FEEL pretty great so I cant complain. I highly recommend that book to anyone interested in fitness.

    I bike back and forth to work (about 5 hours of biking a week) and do an average of about 10 hours a week of roller derby practice.

    I think exercise is one of the best things a person can do for themself.

  4. I chase brother EVERY day, and I ALWAYS run when there is dinner... specially tuna!!

  5. Interesting. The way the media talks, you'd think we were all couch potatoes! Great results.