The dress is finished!

Today I wore the dress at work! I'm happy with it, but not sure it's finished... By that I mean that there are room for improvement. I think it turned out a bit dull. I will keep it as it is for a while, and maybe one day I just know what the final touches should be! On the pictue I have attached a velvet ribbon at the waist - it helped a bit.


  1. Personally, I don't think it's dull, the tartan is a lovely in a muted way. You just need a long silver pendant necklace to spice it up..go crazy..try Steampunk..a great locket or watch pendant on antiqued silver chain is what I think would work great. Cheers ~

  2. Congratulations!
    It looks really beautiful!
    I agree with Jenni on the choise for the jewels!
    Hugs Barbara

  3. that little pin is a great touch! im in LOVE with it! beautiful beautiful beautiful! i give you MAD kudos

  4. Mummy thinks it is very pretty! I just think it needs more cat hair on it.