Results of the Knitting Poll

Thank you to all who voted in the knitting poll on this blog! It’s interesting to see the results. I asked it you knit, and your answers were;

62% of you knit and 13% don’t know how to. 17% would like to learn how to knit and 6% have other things to do.

In a society of mass production knitting makes it possible to make something original to wear. You can make anything from a simple scarf in your favourite colour to a complicated coat or dress. Whatever you knit you express yourself! Here I have knitted a rose brooch that I use on blazers or cardigans.

Happy knitting!


  1. Cute rose brooch! Interesting results on the poll--lots of knitters. I crochet a bit but should really give knitting a try someday :)

  2. Cute brooch! I knit, but only squares and rectangular shapes so far... so lots of scarves. I have to learn how to knit patterns soon. ;)

  3. Lovely brooch!
    I would love to learn kniting, but i am not very patient.

  4. I've tried to learn how to knit and managed to make a scarf, but I think in order to really become a knitter, I'll have to really learn from someone like you! :)