Henry on knitting

I have a very good friend called Henry. I met him on Twitter and he introdused himself as a clever bear from England that can use the computer. I soon learned that he had a go at knitting, something I like a lot. Henry writes his own words, and if you don't get the word at first you can say the sound out loud and it makes sense. Henry says that if the computer desides on his words, it would not be his words! So here is Henry on knitting in his own words;

When did you first knit, and what did you want to make?
i did start to do nittin bowt wun yeer agow. edwud wos dooin th nittin an i fort i wud elp im wen ee wos restin from it.

Do you have any favourite knitted garment?
i dussnt av ennyfing wot do be nittid. we do al shar ooooj cashmeer skarf an that do be nise an snuggly for us wen is kold

Do you like to knit?
i fort i wud like to nit but th stiks wos a bit big an aswel th wool did get in muddl
Any favourite knitting designers?
i do ownly no yoo wot do desine fings for nittin an they do luk reely complkaytid an aswel i fink they is for gerls

Do you have a next knitting project?
i not shor bowt that cos wen we did mayk blankis for doggis an kittis we did yews masheen an it wos eesya than nittin. if i did av nuvva gow wiv nittin i wud nit sumfing wot did be eezy. like skarf but i wud yews littl stiks aswel

Any favourite colours ?
i fink my fayrit cullas do be wuns wot luk nise wiv my ferr an they do be difrunt browns an creems an bayj aswel. i do like bloo but it dussnt reely luk nise wiv me. blak do be gud for wen is winta but red do be cheerful culla wen is dark an gray owtside. i like yello an perpul an lylak aswel uvva cullas

If you were to wish for a knitted thing, what would that be?
i fink it wud be nise to av wayst cote. i av seen them an i fink it wud be kool for me. i wuddnt like nittid trowsers cos they wud ich my legs. i fink an if i ad a at it wud av to av oles so my eers dint be skwoshdI thank Henry for taking time to talk with me on knitting!
If you want to get to know Henry and his friends (Edwud among them) better you can follow them on Twitter; http://twitter.com/henryandfriends and visit their "ome payj" at; http://www.henryandfriends.co.uk


  1. Great interview! Henry would be a great knitter with the right size needles, but kittens are hopeless at knitting. We discuss this in "Please Send Money" by Cheshire Kitten. You can get the book on etsy!

  2. Hello Eline
    You have a really cute blog here and nice things in your shop.
    Thank you for answering to my thread in the Etsy Forum.
    Here is my blog if you like to take a look.
    I'll come back again to check better your shop and leave you some more comments!
    Hugs Barbara

  3. Henry is so sweet, and I really enjoyed the interview. He is very good at skipping, dancing, singing and making all his anipals feel good, so that doesn't leave much time for knitting.

    Emmy (the cat)

  4. What a delightful interview.

    Me and my dog Karma enjoyed your blog.

    Henry is a dear Twitter friend who brings many smiles to us when we are far from home.

    Thanks for sharing with us

  5. That was so nice of you to interview Henry!! He is such an amazing bear! He is so good at everything he does!

  6. tks u fur interviewin henry! hez one ov teh bestest pals on twitr dat i noes an he gives teh bestest scratches an scritches ov anyones i noes evar! *nosetaps*