Good bye to my best running shoes ever!

My Nike Skylon are now so old and worn that the only thing they are good for is filling up space. Well, they bring back memories as well... I have keept them for years after the sole had lost all it's cushing. We have had so many good runs togheter. They became a favourite for trails as well, as the outer sole has (read "had") a suction feel to slippy stones.

Many shoes have come and gone since I first bought Skylon, but non can match them. Thanks for all the fun and know that my heart beats stronger because of you.

NB; 10 days after I posted this I did a last run in them, and now they are gone...

PS; Nike please start produceing these again! Pleeeas.

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  1. So sorry about your shoes!!!! As a fellow runner, I totally understand.

    I have a new pair of shoes and I havn't even opened the box yet because, for whatever reason, I don't want to stop wearing my current pair :)